Our Team

F1 Solutions takes your trust in us seriously. When you need assistance with your computer network, response time is crucial. Therefore trust and confidence in our staff members has to be a priority when adding new team members. F1 Solutions utilizes a strenuous hiring process which includes a background check, reference and credential check, phone interview, computer test, hands-on test and personality profile; only then can they become part of the F1 family. Ask any of our team members and they will tell you: getting onboard with F1 wasn’t easy but definitely worth it!

  • James VanderWier

    James VanderWier

    President and CEO

  • Jennifer VanderWier

    Jennifer VanderWier

    President and CSO

  • Shawn Chenault

    Shawn Chenault

    Chief Customer Officer

  • Felicia Rutledge

    Felicia Rutledge


  • Kameo Denton

    Kameo Denton

    Operations Assistant

  • Leigh Butgereit

    Leigh Butgereit


  • Aric Stowers

    Aric Stowers

    Team Lead, Senior Technician, Yellow Team

  • Troy McCartney

    Troy McCartney

    Senior Security Analyst, Yellow Team, Security Team

  • Richard Keys

    Richard Keys

    Senior Technician, Yellow Team, Security Team

  • Anthony Quintanilla

    Anthony Quintanilla

    Technician, Yellow Team

  • Brittany Walker

    Brittany Walker

    Technician, Yellow Team

  • Ethan Conn

    Ethan Conn

    Bench Technician, Yellow Team

  • Sean VanderWier

    Sean VanderWier

    Team Lead, Senior Technician, Blue Team

  • JD LePak

    JD LePak

    Technician, Blue Team

  • Phillip Ashworth

    Phillip Ashworth

    Technician, Blue Team

  • Wayne Edgar

    Wayne Edgar

    Team Lead, Senior Technician, Green Team

  • Joe Moffitt

    Joe Moffitt

    Technician, Green Team

  • Patrick Whitlock

    Patrick Whitlock

    Technician, Green Team

  • David Snider

    David Snider

    Technician, Green Team

  • Allison Schivera

    Allison Schivera

    Technician, Green Team

  • Wesley Brown

    Wesley Brown

    Director of Project Services, Senior Technician, Project Team

  • Andrew Deitering

    Andrew Deitering

    Team Lead, Senior Technician, Project Team

  • Jason Howes

    Jason Howes

    Senior Technician, Project Team

  • Ray Coffey

    Ray Coffey

    Senior Technician, Project Team

  • Sam Dubbel

    Sam Dubbel

    Technician, Project Team

  • Jeremy Howell

    Jeremy Howell

    Technician, Project Team