Team Support for Internal IT Departments

Many of our clients currently have IT staff members and decided to bring F1 Solutions in to augment their existing knowledge and capability base. An internal IT staff member is familiar with your processes and what is needed by who and when. The benefit in having an organization like ours backing them is that we have experience managing thousands of workstations and hundreds of servers all with different variables. We are able to use our vast experience, along with the specialty skill sets that our staff members provide, to give you a depth of support to rely upon. When a large project or unforeseen network challenges arise, you can be confident in F1’s ability to provide quick and comprehensive support.

The F1 team will work with your IT experts to determine what areas we can augment. F1 agents can be used for monitoring systems for critical errors to catch problems before they become serious. We will perform Microsoft patch management to keep systems up to date and can allow system audits, among other features. F1 serves as a higher level help desk support system. We can assist with router and server management, data storage needs, desktop requirements, user account and email management and preventative maintenance. Let us bring efficiency and standardization to you and your team.

I have been a customer of F1 Solutions for many years now. At first we weren’t sure how well an outside IT company would work with our internal computer technicians. We quickly found a groove and rely on F1 to broaden our range of expertise and troubleshooting. I appreciate the way their knowledgeable ...Read More


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