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Network support is so much more than antivirus protection, firewalls, or hooking up a computer. Any computer technician can do that. F1 Solutions’ focus is to provide stellar customer support, and to look at your needs as a whole and provide the most efficient network plan for your company. Whether it is IT security, IT services or IT support, we are here to work for you.

“Customer satisfaction is worthless,
customer loyalty is priceless.”

—Jeffery Gitomer

F1 Solutions has adopted this as its mantra. Know your customer, understand what challenges they face, and create a solution to negate that problem. With this simple mindset we are able to lower our clients' stress levels and not just create loyal customers, but raving fans.

“If not for our partnership with F1 Solutions,
our network infrastructure could not have kept up
with our strong growth."

"We developed a team environment working together with F1 to solve our needs. Usually with an outside network engineer, you have a dependent relationship that can sometimes hold you hostage to their personality. The fact that F1 provides us with a team of experts to work with us and know our intricacies, sets our minds at ease. They are like another area of our company – the IT department. We have great appreciation for F1’s involvement.”



MSPs (Managed Services Provider) or an IT Company, can manage all of your daily IT operations. This includes your IT equipment, sensitive data, internet security and more. Learn more about our managed IT services here.

Whether you own a small or large sized business, everyone can benefit from having an experienced and established IT Company. A couple reasons you should consider hiring an IT Company is because it helps to grow and protect your business, protect your data from internal and external threats, facilitate collaboration throughout the company or organization, and grow productivity through lower downtime percentages. Learn more about our IT Managed Services.

We can work with your IT department to handle anything you would like. F1 Solutions offers something called a “Hybrid IT Management Plan” which allows us to assess the skill set and work load of your existing team in order to determine the ways we can help. Learn more about our IT Team Support here.

That is just one of the many things we can help with. After getting to know and understand your business better, and your IT goals, we will create a plan for your IT Infrastructure to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We keep your networks secure by 24/7 monitoring, scanning, and identifying threats for desktops, servers, and mobile devices. Our monitoring system allows us to identify failing hard drives, fans, server temperatures and more, which we can then pinpoint and fix the problem before it causes any bigger issues. Learn more about our Network Security Solutions here.

Absolutely! Our F1 Sync File Share helps you share secure and controlled files from any device. You can access files, share files securely, or collaborate on files. Learn more here.

While the unexpected is always a possibility, we can certainly help increase uptime and keep your downtime to a minimum. However, if the unimaginable were to happen and your servers do crash, having a place where your data is backed up and secure is the most important insurance measure your business can take. We have a qualified technician checking your backups weekly to ensure no errors occur that get in the way of successfully backing up your data. Learn more about Business Continuity.

F1 Solutions offers several different services, and it can be difficult to know which ones you need. Contact us today and we can help you determine the best solution for your business. Learn more about all of our IT Services here.

Yes! We serve both government and healthcare industries. We partner with defense contractors and have a very strong understanding of cyber security and government and HIPAA compliance regulations. Learn more about our Government IT Services and Healthcare IT Services.

Contact F1 Solutions today! We will walk you through the process of becoming a protected client.


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