Backup: Disaster Planning and Business Continuity

Information is the lifeblood of many companies, and while we try to plan for all eventualities, disasters can - and do - happen. Your business needs steady, uninterrupted access to its accounts payables and receivables, customer contacts and information, schematics and contracts. Only 6% of companies survive longer than two years after losing data (Gartner Group). 43% are out of business almost immediately. When the unforeseen happens, you need a reliable backup solution that can get your business back up in minimal time. With F1 Solutions local and off-site backup storage solutions and management systems you can rest easy. If disaster does strike, you can be confident that F1 will work hard to get your business the information that it needs to push forward. Learn more.

Backing up your data is the single best insurance measure you can take to protect your business. We will set up a backup of your key data at your place of business as well as set up a secondary off-site backup for emergencies. Redundancy is key in data backup management. Your critical data is stored at two separate locations and checked by one of our qualified technicians weekly to assure integrity and speedy recovery.

Many online services will say that they back up your data to the cloud. There are all types and sizes of clouds, and very few of them will actually check the backup to ensure there were no issues or errors like we do. We will have a qualified level computer technician review your backups weekly and correct any errors that get in the way of a full data backup.

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