Mobile Device and Storage Encryption

Most government regulatory rules for mobile devices like laptops, tablets and PDAs mandate the encryption of critical and sensitive data. These devices are considered high value targets and make up the largest percentage of sensitive data breaches. F1 can help you properly encrypt all of your devices to the highest NIST standards. If a mobile device is lost or stolen you can be confident that even though your hardware may be in someone else’s hands, your data is secure.

Email Encryption

The need to send sensitive data across the internet is becoming more and more crucial to businesses. Healthcare, Defense Contractors, and Financial Services companies are all required to use email encryption if they transmit sensitive data. F1 Solutions has an affordable email encryption plan utilizing McAfee and Microsoft Exchange solutions. Stiff penalties can be levied if sensitive data is transmitted in plain text and results in a breach.

Sending encrypted email is as simple as click here…

The reader will receive a message with a link that they will click on. They will then create a user name and password and then be able to see the unencrypted text.

It’s that simple!

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