Information Update – F1 Offers Cloud Services Support

F1 Solutions is a proud re-seller of Office 365, Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google hosted cloud services.  Many of you might be wondering if “the cloud” is the right option for you and this very well may be the case.  With Microsoft, Amazon and Google all getting into this arena, the cloud is the new buzz word.

What’s New with Windows 10 Creator Edition

There are a lot of exciting changes announced in the new Windows 10 Creators Update offering.  Better visual features, easier collaborations, better VPN, a smarter platform, better security and a whole host of other wonderful features.  I would highly recommend that you review more information here:

What’s new in the Windows 10 Creators Update

For the full list of new updates to this wonderful operating system.

WannaCry Ransomware Attack- Assessing risk

Late last week the world awoke to a massive attack on an exploit found on unpatched systems. This was a known vulnerability that Microsoft patched weeks ago, however those who were still using old operating system versions or had a poor patch management strategy, were caught in this extortion trap.

Data Security For The “Road Warrior” Traveler

Many of us that travel are all too familiar with needing to hop online and get a critical document to a client while waiting for your plane, in a coffee shop or at a trade show. For the “road warrior”, checking into our hotel and doing another few hours of work is the norm.

Google Searches Now Have A Check In Front Of Search Topic

Google Searches Now Have A Check In Front Of Search Topic

Some of you may have noticed a subtle but important change with the results of a Google search. There may be a green circle with a white check mark before some of the search results.

According to Google’s website; “Google’s Safe Browsing technology examines billions of URLs per day looking for unsafe websites.

Verifone announces Breach! Ouch!

One of the world’s largest credit and debit card processors is in the middle of assessing the scope of a newly announced breach. Verifone supplies millions of point of sale devices and transmits large amounts of payment card data ever second. At this point it is unclear to what degree data was lost although they are sure their internal network was compromised.

Could the Cloudflare breach be the biggest ever?

February 19th, 2017, Tavis Ormandy, a researcher with Google’s Project Zero (an elite team tasked with finding zero-day vulnerabilities), came across sensitive data leakage from websites using Cloudflare services. Cloudflare is a huge, multi-billion-dollar company that provides a variety of web hosting services to over 5 million sites for such companies as Fitbit, Yelp, Uber, OKCupid, Zendesk, 23 and Me and many more.

Employee Happiness from a “Best Places to Work Winner”

All businesses struggle with keeping good team members on board. If your staff is happy, that attitude flows through to your clients and builds the culture of how your company is viewed in your industry. For example, have you ever flown a Southwest flight, witnessed the flight attendant going over the safety regulations in the most creative way possible, and been convinced that they just love what they do? This is a culture that is nurtured throughout the organization and the public just can’t help but notice.

F1 can advise BEFORE you purchase, and help to ensure that you buy what you need!

Information Technology moves quickly and so do changes in hardware and software. Server requirements, software requirements, user requirements, operating system compatibility, can be overwhelming and change quickly. Over the last few weeks we have come across some instances when a client would order a bundle of laptops or tablets only to find out that what they have ordered will not work for their application.

IT Management and Lifecycle Planning

All business owners understand the importance of budgets and utilizing them as a roadmap to decide when and how to allocate resources. We know that if we want new clients we need to reflect that in our marketing budget. If we want to implement a new product or service, we have to budget appropriately.