What is a Virtual server?

It seems like every month some new and exciting technology comes out that is very cool but only to those who understand it. We would like to tell you about one such technology and how you may benefit from it.

Virtualization is quickly becoming standard in new and robust server networks. In the past you would need to buy a physical server to handle each application that your business relied upon and in many cases the space, power, and cost can be prohibitive. Now, you can buy a single server and through virtualization, host several servers that all utilize the same hardware. Using server virtualization, you can drastically reduce the costs associated with server up-keep and limited the number of potential failure points.

Think of it like this. (See Image) You have 5 houses in 5 different locations that you visit every day. You have to maintain all of those physical properties which cost you time times 5 and money times 5. Now, what if you had 1 large condominium building and all 5 of your houses, furniture and all, fit inside of it perfectly. Each condo has its own doors and locks and is totally separate from the others. You can now maintain 1 property with all of your data segregated within the property. This saves time times 5 and money times 5. Now (continuing with the analogy) what if something happened to one of your condos and you could instantly have all of your furniture and goods moved to an adjoining condo with no downtime (yes the furniture and goods stand for your data). What a wonderful disaster and continuity option!

“Virtualizing” your network servers has been around for many years and is a trusted strategy. This helps reduce expenditures through consolidation of hardware and reduces maintenance through economy of scale. All of this while minimizing risk posed by planned or unplanned downtime. This network format serves a key element for a strong business continuity plan. F1 is extremely familiar with this process and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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