Conquering the burdens of regulatory compliance with Compliance-as-a-Service

Conquering the burdens of regulatory compliance with Compliance-as-a-Service

There’s no denying that industry regulations are among the least glamorous business technology challenges. With rigid documentation processes and harsh penalties, all it takes is a simple error or oversight to fall into a compliance technicality. To make matters worse, many regulations aren’t entirely clear on which measures businesses must take to protect the privacy of their customers. For example, the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARS) added a multifactor authentication requirement in 2013, but wasn’t clear on what form of data encryption you must use.

Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to stay on the right side of the law while also protecting your reputation and maximizing customer trust in your organization. With a managed services provider (MSP) that provides compliance-as-a-service (CaaS), you’ll no longer need to bear the burden alone.

Maximize your investment in technology with proactive compliance solutions

When it comes to compliance and security, processes are constantly changing in line with technology itself. Most businesses are subject to at least two sets of regulations and even if they are only updated once every few years, you’ll still be required to update your information security solutions to the most recent legislation.

Between complying with the payment card industry’s rules on credit cards like the mandated switch of magnetic stripe cards to chip and PIN, to government procurement regulations, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to compliance.

Given the continuous changes in local, state, and global compliance processes, there is a greater need than ever for proactive IT support that is scalable and flexible in nature. By outsourcing your compliance needs to an organization that specializes in your industry, you can tailor your service to meet your specific operational goals and the laws that govern them.

Empower employees with security awareness training

One thing that’s never changed in the world of cybersecurity is that the weakest link is usually human negligence. This is why DFARS and other regulatory frameworks require security awareness training, regular network audits, and simulated phishing attacks in order to reveal vulnerabilities in your businesses processes.

Rather than being designed to chastise your employees, simulated attacks provide a highly effective way to help them identify common threats. It’s not just about protecting your business either — you’ll also be doing them a favor, since security is everyone’s concern, both in their professional and personal lives. With a CaaS provider, you’ll empower employees to do their jobs securely and more efficiently.

Maintain complete visibility into your corporate data

While there’s no denying the benefits that mobile and cloud technology bring to any modern business, the sheer diversity of devices and apps used for work has increased the attack surface enormously. Nowadays, you no longer have to worry solely about data kept on systems in the office, but also about employee-owned devices used for work and any data-bearing systems hosted in the cloud.

Many regulations are based upon the best practices outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which includes mobile device and email encryption. This means that modern businesses need a way to retain a complete archive of their communications and other data in its original form for use in resolving legal disputes or demonstrating compliance efforts. You also need a way to monitor alerts in real time and act upon potentially suspicious activities before they can lead to serious consequences.

F1 Solutions helps organizations in Huntsville, Madison, and Moores Hill maximize their cybersecurity and compliance with full audit logs, event management, endpoint protection, and internal and external vulnerability scanning. Give us a call today for flat-fee compliance management.

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