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F1 Solutions, Inc. is the local choice for your Healthcare IT needs and experts in our field. Let us provide you with a higher level of security for your patient data and give your patients and practice peace of mind. We provide a comprehensive, multi-level HIPAA HITECH risk assessment to safeguard your ePHI data.

A vulnerability scan of your network is only one piece of the HIPAA HITECH-mandated risk assessment. We can catch hidden security risks and points of vulnerability with our 92 point checklist. Let our team of experts that include a CISSP and Certified Ethical Hacker customize a security solution for your business.

Our comprehensive assessment with the F1 Solutions, Inc. professionals was a completely positive experience for our staff. The review was extensive — much more than just a simple network scan that others were touting — with each requirement explained clearly, outlining for us the specifics needed ...Read More


With the passing of the HITECH section under HIPAA, there are new regulations that even seasoned IT departments can struggle to fully implement. Don’t assume that your IT is in compliance. Call F1 today for a HIPAA risk assessment. If you are not implementing the following plans, you could be at risk.

  • Laptop and Email Encryption
  • Password Complexity
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Certified Destruction of Media
  • Breach and Sanctions Policy
  • Security Trainings
  • Annual Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Emergency Plan/ Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Continuity Plan
  • Off-site Backups (click here for helpful tips)
  • Audit Logs
  • 6-year Record Archives
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device Plan)
  • And much more…


Q: My business is cash only and/or I don’t submit to Medicaid or Medicare. Can these rules apply to my company?

A: Yes. If you transmit, process or store electronic identifiable patient health information then you fall under HITECH rules.

Q: How do I know if I have had an assessment?

A: Did you or an outside firm perform a network scan and thoroughly examine documentation? If not then you are still in need of the annual assessment required by law.

Q: I have an IT company maintaining our systems, so we are compliant, right?

A: Not necessarily. You need a comprehensive risk analysis to show you areas of concern that your IT company may not see with regular maintenance tasks.

Q: If someone came to my location and scanned my network, is that considered an assessment?

A: No. A vulnerability scan is only a small part of becoming fully compliant. Our 92-point HIPAA/ HITECH security assessment with remedial plan will ensure your ePHI data is secure.

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