Apple OS X Yosemite Upgrade Alert

Apple OS X Yosemite Upgrade Alert

As many Mac users are already aware, Apple has released its latest version of the Mac Operating System OS X 10.10, also known as Yosemite.

This is a free upgrade to current Mac users, but F1 Solutions would like to warn against upgrading right away.

While there are some major feature improvements in this new version worth having, major changes usually bring incompatibility with applications and utilities. It usually takes 3rd party vendors extra time to catch up with Apple major OS releases, so if you don’t need to upgrade please wait at least 60 days. Waiting also allows Apple to get any kinks worked out that will corrected via version updates.

F1 Solutions has implemented the Yosemite upgrade to one of our MacBook Pro's as a step in supporting our customers, and as a test for compatibility and discovering any other issues. As a result of the upgrade, both the Remote Management or Antivirus software are currently not compatible. What this will mean to you if you perform the upgrade is slower support and possibly a higher cost per support incident due to Yosemite related issues. This will also create a security concern, so if you are a compliance customer and antivirus is not working properly this takes you out of compliance until antivirus compatibility is restored.

So please, before you upgrade call F1 Solutions at 256-461-0040 about this new upgrade and discuss how this may affect your situation.

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