What is the Internet of Things?

If you haven’t heard of the term “The Internet of THINGS” (IoT) you soon will. Most of you probably are already using a component of this topic in your day to day lives. If you have a fancy refrigerator, an alarm system that you can control remotely, a TIVO that you can set to record while away, unlock your car by simply walking up to it, a family pet with a locator chip, etc… then you are involved in the Internet of Things

We are used to the internet being a large network mainly designed around the sharing of information between human beings for the benefit of each other (pictures, messages, documents and data) As the internet and connectivity have grown so is what we can now process through it.

Security Reminder Phishing e-mails

Security Reminder Phishing e-mails

It is estimated that over 156 million phishing e-mails are sent to the public per day. 16 million of these make it through filters and 8 million of those are opened- Daily. Of those approximately 80,000 people per day give their protected information to this malicious and illegal enterprise.

Server 2003 End of Life

Windows Server 2003 is going away!

For those of you who just survived the Windows XP end of life event and miss all of the fun…. Don’t worry there is more “fun” around the corner. July 14th 2015 Microsoft will retire and stop support on its server 2003 platform.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) – Compliance

Over the last year we have received many questions asking about PCI compliance. What is it? Who is affected? What should we do? Let’s take a minute to break this down.

Several years ago the major financial institutions and credit card companies got together and created a “data security standard” to help safeguard sensitive credit card account information.

Reminder about Passwords

For most of us, a password is an annoyance that stands between us and our ability to do our work. To the outside world, however, a password is the barrier that stands between our data and the thieves that would want to do us harm. Passwords do so much for us: they protect us from outside intrusion and theft; they protect us from co-workers who overstep their bounds.

Security Notice from F1 Solutions

F1 Solutions wants to alert all of our clients to a new and pervasive virus called CryptoLocker that is going around. Ransomware! The FBI and other agencies have seen a huge tick up of Ransomware occurrences in the last month. We know of several episodes in North Alabama in recent weeks.

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