F1 can advise BEFORE you purchase, and help to ensure that you buy what you need!

Information Technology moves quickly and so do changes in hardware and software. Server requirements, software requirements, user requirements, operating system compatibility, can be overwhelming and change quickly. Over the last few weeks we have come across some instances when a client would order a bundle of laptops or tablets only to find out that what they have ordered will not work for their application. Remember, F1 Solutions is your trusted advisor and we handle these issues every day. We will not only be able to help you pick out the right devices and solutions but hopefully also save you money. Our buying power with the leading distributors in our industry is very strong; therefore, our pricing is very competitive. We are quickly becoming one of Dell’s premier partners in the area. In fact, moving forward; all stock servers, workstation and laptops will be Dells systems with 3 year warranty’s, while the standard consumer warranty is only 1 year! We also have a strong relationship with Microsoft and are happy to offer competitive prices for Office 365 licensing.

Our main focus for providing hardware or helping you get the correct hardware is to make sure that the solutions you purchase are the right ones for your application and compatible with existing systems as well as to prevent delays and frustration that could come from finding out that what was purchased will either not have all of the functionality that you need or at worst, won't function at all in your environment.

F1 Solutions

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