Information Update – F1 Offers Cloud Services Support

F1 Solutions is a proud re-seller of Office 365, Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google hosted cloud services.  Many of you might be wondering if “the cloud” is the right option for you and this very well may be the case.  With Microsoft, Amazon and Google all getting into this arena, the cloud is the new buzz word.  We would ask one simple question.  What goals are you trying to achieve by hosting applications in the cloud?  There are situations when having applications like e-mail, SharePoint, and file sharing hosted in the cloud make sense, but there are just as many when a hybrid system, or on premise system, is the best choice.

As a strong re-seller of these services, we have the expertise to help you determine and implement the solution that is most suited to your needs. There are no “one size fits all” scenarios when it comes to cloud solutions for small businesses; feel free to contact Shawn Chenault or your team lead if you are interested in learning more about what the cloud has to offer.

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