F1 Solutions: New Product for Secure File Sharing

F1 Sync File Share and Storage: Securely share files with remote end users

Many of our clients have come to us over the last year asking if we knew of another file share service that they could see that wasn’t Dropbox. This is mainly due to some drawbacks to a Dropbox implementation that create pain within their companies.

Here are three real world examples that we had in mind while looking for a better and more secure option. F1 Sync solves all of these concerns:

Scenario #1: Control over company data. A client came to us after a key employee left and took some sensitive data with them (This has actually happened to a handful of you in the last 4 months). The ex-employee stored important and key data in their personal Dropbox account which made that information available even after they had left the company. There was no in-house control over the information stored and no way to remove access to it.

Scenario #2: Encryption and Compliance. Several have concerns about the level of encryption that Dropbox provides. Quite frankly, it is not the latest and greatest. Some Medical clients also worried that Dropbox accounts are not HIPAA compliant which they are not.

Scenario #3: Facilitate secure collaboration and communication. Many of our clients have the need to share large files with remote users, and even their own customers, and need to have full control over who sees what and for how long, and need the ability to remove access to this information at any time, and for whatever reason.

I am not trying to beat up Dropbox, for end users Dropbox can be a good fit. The gap we have found is protecting the information for the Company who owns the intellectual property being shared or stored.

In order to address these concerns, F1 has been testing products in-house for the past year. We’ve gone through several candidates and evaluated many different solutions until one solution has risen to the top of our list and is one that we feel confident with offering to our own customers. We have partnered with a leading file share/storage provider and have created a new service, F1 Sync, a file sharing service with Control, Encryption, and Collaboration in mind. One that addresses the limitations of other mass market file sharing applications and brings control of company data back to the company, offers the latest in encryption standards and can be used to securely transfer data to both end uses within the company and clients outside the organization.

  • You can determine who can see and change what. (You manage the data)
  • You can remote wipe desktops and mobile devices that have this information
  • File access and syncing across all devices, anywhere you are
  • Team Shares for collaboration
  • Third Party File Share and uploads – send and receive files that may be too large to e-mail.
  • State of the Art 448 Blowfish Encryption in transit and at rest (storage)
  • Backup of the files offsite and are in an encrypted form
  • Files can be quickly and easily “rolled back” to previous versions
  • Comprehensive usage reports and change logs
  • F1 Sync is HIPAA Compliant

F1 Sync is the perfect solution for remote users, work groups and teams, and accounting shares. F1 Sync has top notch security features which make your data not only sharable but encrypted and controllable as well and is the perfect tool for your business.

For more information contact your F1 Team Lead or (256) 461-0040 or send an email to [email protected]

F1 Solutions Security Team

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