F1 Solutions: RSA Conference Report

Insight into the largest Cyber Security Conference in the US

Last week our security team attended the RSA conference in San Francisco. This is the industry’s leading Cyber security gathering of 40,000 plus “good Guy” hackers and experts. Where geeks truly geek out! If the allure of the awesome event nights and really great swag sound like this is all about fun; then you have not sat through the back to back seminars that span from 8 am to 6 pm every day. Don’t feel sorry for me though, because I got a chance to hear some incredible speakers like the Secretary of Defense and the head of the NSA talk about the threat environments of today and the future. Perhaps the best information was at the smaller seminars that taught how to discuss cyber security with the masses, respond to an incident, guard against vulnerabilities, teach kids about cyber awareness, protect mobile environments and so much more. F1 feels that continuing education like this makes us a better resource to our customers. We go to these events because we know you can’t. (Ok, and also for the private concert with Cheryl Crow).

The big buzz topics seem to be privacy on the heels of the Apple Vs FBI event in California (which has now been resolved). The importance of having a full view of data protection within private industries to help our overall national defense posture was prevalent as well. And, of course several seminars focused on how to hack Internet of Things devices and the challenges they present in the future. Hacking an automatic car was pretty popular hands on event. All of this give us just the right amount of paranoia without having to wear tin foil hats.

After visiting with hundreds of vendors on the booth floor, we are working on the next great security offering that will make your business more efficient, secure and compliant. Over the next quarter we will be testing some of the products that stood out to us and will update our clients as we get closer to making these available to strengthen your security arsenal.

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