Signs that you need a managed IT provider for your business

Signs that you need a managed IT provider for your business

When you receive a pile of orders from customers and your network infrastructure suddenly malfunctions, how do you handle the situation? Even your most tech-savvy employee may be ill-equipped to handle these issues. This is where a managed services provider (MSP) can come in handy.

An MSP is a company that offers IT services, such as server monitoring and maintenance, to clients for a subscription fee. The ideas is to proactively maintain your network and identify potential issues before they happen which can prevent costly downtime. A good MSP is your trusted technology partner that looks out for new technologies to increase your productivity while always being a good steward of your budget. According to Sherweb, 39% of SMBs in the US use MSPs to some capacity.

For example: You have an important quote or deliverable to get out to a customer by a deadline with millions of dollars of revenue on the line and your system goes down for a preventable issue. Not only are we able to head that off before it is a problem, but if an unforeseen issue arises you have a full team working to get you up quickly minimizing downtime.

Wondering if this setup is suitable for your enterprise? Here are five signs that you need a managed IT provider:

#1. Your IT staff isn't doing preventive maintenance

When there’s a problem with your system, your current staff may be too focused on fixing them immediately to prevent downtime. While this might be effective for a short period, this leaves little room for preventive maintenance. Without it, issues in your business' IT infrastructure will likely persist, which can cause even bigger problems in the future.

#2. Tech problems occur frequently

Does your internet connection have a habit of slowing down to a crawl or not being usable at all? Or are you constantly battling with phishing attacks and malware on the internet to the point that it affects your productivity and efficiency? These are evident signs that you need an MSP. While some companies will just ignore the lingering issue, doing so creates the possibility for even more problems down the line.

According to a study by Robert Half International, office workers waste approximately 19 minutes per day dealing with issues related to technology. In a 40-hour work week, this equates to 80 lost hours per year just fixing problems in your business. An MSP can quickly address these and patch small hiccups in your system before they become alarming.

#3. You don't have a dedicated IT staff

A small company may not have the budget to hire people who solely focus on your IT infrastructure. Businesses tend to rely on employees who they deem to be knowledgeable about handling tech issues, but it’s not a practical solution in the long run.

Employees come and go, and when they decide to leave, business owners are left scrambling to find someone new in the team to handle future tech problems. When you sign up with an MSP, your issues will be taken care of by a dedicated team of IT experts who are ready to resolve your issues at a moment's notice

#4. Some of your IT problems can't be solved

While your staff can solve some of the problems that will come up on your IT infrastructure, even the smartest and most talented worker has areas where they are not very good at. By contrast, MSPs are prepared with a team of people who are skilled at various aspects of tech support, such as cloud computing, data backup, and cybersecurity, assuring you that issues will always be solved efficiently.

#5. You want to control your expenses for IT

You'll have better peace of mind when it comes to your organization if you have a good idea of your upcoming expenses. An MSP will only require you to pay a fixed monthly fee, and this will usually come with round-the-clock unlimited support when you’re in need of any assistance.

Whatever type of business you’re in, it's important to note that a good IT infrastructure is a key factor in ensuring efficiency and productivity in your system. That’s why an MSP will be your best bet when it comes to your success.

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