TeamViewer Accounts have been Hacked!

Team Viewer is a remote desktop software application that allows for collaborative work to be done anywhere in the world, but it too has now fallen victim to these cyber criminals that are trying to get access to your data and to your accounts. Over the last 24 hours, customers started to report everything from their checking accounts being drained to malicious content being loaded onto their systems. Once TeamViewer was made aware of these issues, they ceased all access to their application until they could patch the vulnerability. The application came back up today at 12:50 pm and is now in use. Users seem to voice their experience most urgently on Reddit posts like these…

  • Just one week ago, TeamViewer deflected any claimed they had problems on their end with security, placing the blame back on the user.
  • “I was using a strong password that was unique to TeamViewer and they still got in and cleaned out my bank account. They logged in and used ChromePass to see my passwords stored in Chrome.” says ShatteredAutumn, a Reddit user.
  • “Random non-contact remoted in and emptied my bank [account].” says the user Jekerdud, another Reddit user
  • “When I sat in my chair late at night, I saw my mouse moving and terminated the session and then saw him try to connect to my Ubuntu server” Scary stuff

TeamViewer is not commenting on this rash of incidents and is brushing all comments aside. However, we feel strongly enough to warn our clients and readers of this issue so that you can make an informed decision. To clarify, most of our clients use a different remote access tool, but some of your vendors may use TeamViewer to help troubleshoot an issue. If you have “unattended access” set up on your account, you should change that immediately. Until we know more, the common wisdom is that as long as a session is not in use then they probably cannot get to your account, but this is only speculation. Also, remember to never select the option for an application to “remember” or store your credentials.

Because we do not know what the root cause and have no idea if the vulnerability with Teamviewer has been fully patched at this time, we recommend that you disable the software, change your passwords and monitor your system for strange behaviors. For alternative products to TeamViewer, please contact F1 Solutions to find the product that best suits your business.

F1 Solutions
Security Team

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