Top qualities of a first-rate managed IT services provider

Top qualities of a first-rate managed IT services provider

A managed IT services provider (MSP) is a third-party business partner that assists in managing a company’s various IT needs. Collaborating with an MSP can save one the hefty costs of employing in-house personnel while granting them access to industry expertise and innovative technologies.

Although it can offer multiple productivity, security, and financial benefits, finding the right MSP isn’t always easy. When searching for a reputable provider, make sure they have the following qualities.

Proven industry experience

The first trait to look for in a first-rate MSP is their proven track record.

Look for an MSP with a stellar reputation in your industry, composed of IT professionals well-equipped with the necessary certifications and licenses in their field. This will require a bit of background research, so take the time to look up and read through customer reviews, vendor feedback, and case studies on their site or in niche forums. Look into any vendors they’ve teamed up with. This will tell you about the kind of organizations the MSP does business with.

If your MSP has a long history of quality customer experience, then they may just be a suitable fit. Settle on a provider that has the experience, skills, and dedication your business deserves.

High-grade cybersecurity

When selecting your provider, you’ll want to make sure your data is in good hands.

Top-tier MSPs consistently monitor your network on a 24/7 basis, conducting regular assessments and analyses to spot potential threats as they emerge. Their professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape and are well informed on the latest cybercriminal tactics, trends, and cybersecurity measures.

Look for an MSP that prioritizes staff training in cybersecurity with a variety of accreditations to their name. Make sure that they provide the latest in multiple threat detection technologies for extensive and thorough protection, integrated incident response capabilities, and a solid backup and disaster recovery process.

Excellent customer service

An MSP must demonstrate reliable, dedicated service. First-rate providers offer round-the-clock availability, speedy service delivery and system performance, and incredibly responsive customer support. They view your collaboration as a professional partnership and treat it as such, taking the time to understand your business goals and tailoring their strategies to meet your needs.

Partner with a flexible MSP that offers customizable services to specifically fit your business. Rather than shoehorning you into a standard set of tools and software, a reputable provider will conduct an in-depth assessment of your company, and will offer you tailor-fit solutions that address your unique business goals, services, and infrastructure.

It may help to seek out a partner in your particular niche or industry, since a provider's thorough knowledge and experience in your specific field may make stronger, more efficient partners down the road.

Documented activity

Ensure your MSP has thorough documentation strategies that pinpoint, assess, and resolve any issues in business activity when they pop up. With a full view of unique or recurring problems, you can then strategize ways of preventing them or mitigating their effects on your operations.

Documentation also offers transparency into your MSP's activities and can help you work with your MSP to streamline performance and alleviate potential errors or hiccups in various workflows.

Cloud migration options

With over 91% of enterprises now on the public cloud and 72% on private ones, cloud computing has increasingly taken over modern business. It’s therefore important to partner with a reliable MSP that offers services in cloud computing and can help you migrate your on-site data with ease. Seek out a provider who also offers flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for storage, security, and disaster recovery.

Finding the right MSP can be a challenge, but the right fit makes it all worth it. If you’re looking for an IT partner that is willing to offer proactive support, dedicated customer service, and valuable strategy consultation, look no further than F1 Solutions. We offer proactive managed IT services to a wide range of business industries. Get in touch with our experts today.

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