Why should you consider passwordless authentication?

Why should you consider passwordless authentication?

Passwords have been used as the primary method for digital authentication since the inception of computers in the 1960s. Yet despite this ubiquity, passwords are loathed by security professionals and users. The former view passwords as ineffective measures that often pose a liability due to the frequency and relative ease with which hackers and other threats are able to crack them and use them to infiltrate secure networks. The latter dislike the inconvenience they pose since they need to memorize and type them in each time they’re required.

Thankfully, recent developments in technology, such as the biometric scanners built into modern smartphones, have provided plenty of alternatives to the traditional password. For perhaps the first time, it’s possible to develop a secure, robust network while being completely password-free.

The notion can be daunting, especially since passwords have been around for such a long time and are embedded into the processes and workflows of many organizations. But there are several benefits your organization stands to gain from adopting password-less authentication.

Enhanced security

Compared to the basis of alternative authentication methods, like the fingerprints or facial recognition used in biometric scanning, passwords are relatively easy to steal or replicate. Many phishing attacks are designed specifically to coax users with access to sensitive information to inadvertently share their passwords. In fact, cybersecurity reports found that 81% of data breaches are related to weak and recycled passwords.

By eliminating passwords from your network security system, you’ll eliminate one of the most vulnerable aspects of the system. Moreover, you’ll take away one of the most powerful weapons in attackers’ toolkits, used to breach other, more secure parts of that system.

Improved user experience

Not only are biometric authentication methods more secure, but they’re also generally more hassle-free for users. Finger and facial scans are quicker and require less manual effort. Plus, they don’t require users to remember a complex sequence of characters nor do they have to go through a long process to reset their passwords in case they forget them.

Increased productivity

The upside to the gains in the user experience are benefits to your workforce’s overall productivity. Less time and effort spent on the authentication process means more time and effort on the work your team members were actually hired to do. The financial impact of a single forgotten password incident may seem inconsequential, but when scaled up across your entire workforce, over a significant span of time, the effects add up.

In addition to the productivity gains to your primary teams, eliminating this issue also frees up your IT support teams, who would normally have to dedicate their attention to resolving issues. Instead, they could be redirecting these efforts to more proactive projects that will generate more value for your business in the long term.

No more password management costs

The inherent clunkiness of passwords has resulted in solutions being developed specifically to facilitate their use, namely password management systems. Your business may be one of many that have turned to these solutions to help employees remember and organize the passwords used for different systems, and prevent these passwords from falling into the wrong hands.

One common component of such systems is automatic password resets, which prompt employees to cycle through different passwords at regular intervals to reduce the risk of cyberattacks. This measure alone can cost businesses thousands of dollars per year just to make sure passwords aren’t a liability.

Eliminating the need for passwords also eliminates the need for systems and processes to support their use.

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