F1 Solutions: Health alert!

Sitting down all day is killing me!

I thought we would take a departure from the standard tech talk and discuss my feet. Today I found myself sitting at my desk all day typing e-mails, attending conference calls and writing technical documents. Before I knew it the afternoon rolled around. I went to stand and could not feel my feet. I’m not a doctor but I think that’s bad. After I walked around for a few minutes, I sat back down at my desk to research if this was as bad as I thought. Dr James Levine from the Mayo Clinic in AZ has a lot of literature on this topic.

Basically the study says that office workers may be killing themselves quicker than farmers or those who don’t plop down behind a desk as much. Excess sitting has direct correlation to increased chance of having over 34 chronic diseases. More recent data was presented in San Diego at the American College of Cardiology that found that each hour of sitting per day was associated with a 14% increase coronary artery calcification. – Dying quicker!

Ok…I Know… sitting bad… walking good, but working good too. What do I do?

My go to answer: have a 24 hour massage therapist at the ready. But since I found out they actually want to get paid for that (and rightly so, they are incredible) I think I will try these tips to try to squeeze more life out of this chassis.

  1. Every hour get up and take a 6 minute walk break
  2. Twice a day find some stairs and walk vigorously up and down for 5 minutes
  3. Try a low carb diets during days of massive sitting
  4. Try a standing Desk that rises up or down with your energy level – James has one in our office and it is super cool and I am ordering one tomorrow – they start at $350 and go to the walking treadmill desks around $1000 – see Amazon.com

Just move more in a day! That is the entire take away of this strange diversion in conversation. My point of sending this out is to remind all of us who know we need to stand and walk more to do so!


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