How to improve your company security with Microsoft 365

How to improve your company security with Microsoft 365

The COVID-19 pandemic that dominated headlines in 2020, and which continues to hang over our heads today, took the world by surprise and has had a number of far-reaching consequences, not all of which are immediately apparent. Work from home policies have enabled employees of numerous companies to continue doing their work from the relative safety and comfort of their homes, enabling these businesses to maintain productivity while prioritizing the health of their teams. The migration of so much work to the digital and online spaces, however, has exposed greater vulnerabilities. The reliance on the web to communicate and transfer data across so many entry points in the form of home networks has resulted in a rise in cybercrime.

With a complete return to pre-COVID status quo not yet in sight, it’s prudent for businesses to turn their focus toward ensuring that current ways of working are sustainable and secure. Luckily, Microsoft 365 can make this goal not just achievable, but feasible. This cloud platform not only offers various productivity applications, but also powerful cloud-based security and device management features. Here are some of the security measures you can get with Microsoft 365.

Multifactor authentication

Utilizing multifactor authentication (MFA) in addition to traditional passwords is one of the lowest-hanging fruit as far as bolstering security is concerned. MFA requires users to input a code from a pre-approved device or channel in order to access a particular application.

For example, access to any of the features in Microsoft 365, such as email on Outlook, would require a user to input their password, as well as confirm the login attempt through the Authenticator app on their phone or a code sent via SMS. These additional layers of authentication can go a long way to protecting against cyberattackers, especially given how much relatively easier it is to crack passwords with modern technology.

A unified view of security

Microsoft 365 consolidates control, tracking, and management of security across a breadth of work and application functions, thanks to a security center that applies across all the services included in its subscription package. A centralized dashboard provides a view of active security features engaged for each component included in the service suite, and displays data and security reports. The dashboard even assigns a score for an organization’s overall security health based on active settings and historical use, making assessing security easy and intuitive.

Dedicated admin accounts

As an added security layer, the control over security features and the suite of services provided by Microsoft 365 can be restricted to certain admin accounts. This consolidates the risk exposure for the organization’s digital ecosystem to a manageable set of accounts that are more easily protected and kept track of. These accounts can be outfitted with MFA and all necessary security measures, while authorized IT staff can be left less restricted for the sake of convenience.

Email malware protection

Malware delivered via emails is among the most prevalent. Microsoft 365 provides the option to automatically block particular file types, some of which are used most commonly for malware, providing an extra precautionary layer to the suite of security features. Once the source of the attachments has been verified, then these attachments can be opened or downloaded manually.

Ransomware protection

Microsoft 365 also provides similar protection against ransomware, which is malware that restricts access to files, data, or applications until a ransom is paid to its sender. Certain file types are usual carriers of malware, and Microsoft 365 can be set to automatically block particular file extensions when sent from unverified sources.

These are just some of the data protection solutions that Microsoft 365 can provide your remote workforce. To reap even more of its benefits for your business, partner with F1 Solutions! We are a certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider who will make sure that you take advantage of all that Microsoft 365 has to offer. Contact us today to discuss implementing this solution into your organization.

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