Why Huntsville is the Home of F1 Solutions

Why Huntsville is the Home of F1 Solutions


Huntsville has been named the second largest city in the state of Alabama. There were almost 200,000 residents reported in 2019. With population and business growth, Huntsville has been, and is still on the rise. New business opportunities from high development projects such as Facebook and Mazda Toyota, has provided a need for managed IT services. F1 solutions is proud to help your business grow through IT services and solutions.


In 2019, the city of Huntsville issued 590 non-residential building permits. Downtown Huntsville and Cummings Research are seeing most of that growth. The city also added 415.7 acres in 2019 and an additional 443 acres in 2020, making Huntsville physically larger as well.

Huntsville Hospital saw substantial growth last year with a $150 million expansion. This expansion will be known at the Orthopedic & Spine Tower. The tower will house patient rooms, and the hospital’s Joint Camp program. Construction is expected to be finished in the summer of 2021.

At this rate, Huntsville is on track to pass Birmingham and become the largest city in the state of Alabama, and for good reason.

Job Opportunities

Engineering, Healthcare and Science industries dominate the job market in Huntsville, Alabama. Mazda Toyota Manufacturing will bring approximately 4,000 jobs to the area and the FBI announced 1,350 of their employees will be transferring to Huntsville as well. The most prestigious new project coming to Huntsville is Facebook, building a data center costing $750 million. The new data center will offer another 100 jobs to residents in Huntsville. Future job growth is expected to rise in the next decade by 40.9%.

The unemployment rate in Huntsville is 2.8%, compared to the national average of 3.7%.

“The Rocket City”

The nickname came in 1950 when Wernher von Braun brought his German rocket team to the area, promising a bright future for the aerospace industry. Additions such as Redstone Arsenal and the new NASA Marshall Space and Flight Center, have helped grow the industry since then.

The Jupiter Rocket was produced here, as well as the Redstone rocket that launched the first american in space and Saturn V, the most powerful launch vehicle. The newest project at Marshall Space and Flight Center is the Space Launch System, expected to land the first steps on mars this year.

Cummings Research Park

Huntsville has a diverse community, and Cummings Research Park hopes to provide citizens with a place that everyone can come and enjoy. Cummings Research Park is home to biotechnology, software development, missile defense, engineering, cyber technology companies and more with over 26,000 employees. It spans across 3,843 acres and houses everything from businesses, food trucks, coffee tents, yoga, happy hours, residential buildings and more. There is so much for the community to enjoy here.

Cummings is the second largest research park in the country and fourth largest in the world.
They host food truck events, concerts and music festivals, and other events hosted by businesses and local retailers. You can check out the full events calendar here.

Learn more about the research park’s history in this video.


You can’t have all work with no play. Huntsville doesn’t disappoint on either spectrum. Downtown Huntsville offers several local eateries, breweries and entertainment spots for live music.

Campus No. 805 is also a great place to socially gather. The old Roy Stone Middle School has now been transformed into one of the most premier entertainment venues in the area. You will find craft breweries such as Straight to Ale and Yellowhammer Brewing. Restaurants and bars include Hops N’ Guac, Lone Goose Saloon, Rock N Roll Sushi, Pints and Pixels, and more! You can also try your hand at axe throwing or X-golf.

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment is another go-to spot for locals. If you enjoy the arts, this is definitely the spot for you. There are several art studios, galleries, eateries, coffee shops and more. They regularly host events for the community, so check out their event calendar here and plan your next visit.

F1 Solutions is proud to call Huntsville, Alabama home for many and obvious reasons. We are Huntsville’s most trusted GCC High license reseller, and we want to help your business grow and profit. With affordable, reliable and a dependable team working for you, we can ensure your network isn’t performing poorly, and causing you setbacks. Contact us today, and see how we can help.

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