“Social Engineering”, or, “Nigeria: The land of Princes”

We often talk about unauthorized people “hacking” into computer systems, accounts, networks, and electronic devices. What may be surprising to you is that usually there’s no real “hacking” involved. Sometimes these people gain access to their victim’s systems through human interaction via a process known as social engineering.

Passwords [email protected]$, Pa55wordz,!

A dad brings home a new puppy for his young son. The boy is so excited to have his first pet. Dad says, “Make sure you pick a good name, it will be your password hint for the rest of your life”. It’s funny how 20 years ago passwords were something most people rarely used in daily life.

Q & A: What happens when I power off, log off, or lock my system?

Q. If I close the lid does it shut off my laptop?

A. Simply put, a shutdown computer is turned off. It can’t be accessed remotely so it can’t receive patches and updates. For this reason a Desktop PC under F1 management should not be left shut down for an extended period of time (more than a week). On the other hand, laptops should be shut down if they are going to be put into their case or if they aren’t on AC power and not being used.

Google Changes it’s Search Algorithms

Google searches made from mobile devices will now favor mobile-friendly Sites

It was announced this week that Google is changing their search algorithm, the method that Google uses to rank websites in order to deliver the most relevant sites when searches are made.

Best Place To Work – Nominee

Treating our staff like family and creating a nice and supportive work environment has been James and Jennifer’s goals from Day 1. The staff at F1 works so incredibly hard to support clients, because they care. Our staff is our company! Treating them with respect, caring and understanding helps to sharpen our greatest resource.

F1 Solutions: New Product for Secure File Sharing

F1 Sync File Share and Storage: Securely share files with remote end users

Many of our clients have come to us over the last year asking if we knew of another file share service that they could see that wasn’t Dropbox. This is mainly due to some drawbacks to a Dropbox implementation that create pain within their companies.