Windows 10 upgrade… Should I or shouldn’t I?

Microsoft is set to release Windows 10, their new operating system, July 29th, 2015. Many of you have been getting notices or pop ups from Microsoft that you can reserve your free upgrade today. So the question arises, should I upgrade or not? The quick answer is not yet! Microsoft will give you a full year to upgrade for free. We suggest that you wait 10 months before making your decision.

Why wait?

Microsoft is infamous for using their “early adopters” as test beds. Usually this breaks many management tools that are in place to help your business. Many of the kinks get worked out and corrected in the second iteration of the new release. In order to limit the disruption that these bugs could cause within your business, we would like to see Windows 10 out in the world for a while before recommending a mass migration to it. F1 Solutions monitors the chat sites and keeps up on the progress, bug reports, potential issues and solutions during this period. There is no immediate need to move to Windows 10; Windows 7 and 8 are going to be fully supported for several more years.

Side note:

If I was an evil doer and knew this alert “click here for your free upgrade” was going out, I would see this as the perfect opportunity to send a huge phishing e-mail out from “Microsoft” with a link that carries malicious code. I am not saying that this is happening, but it can and I believe will. So be aware of these e-mails if they come to you. If you want to upgrade safely simply go to Microsoft’s website then continue with the steps or contact F1 for assistance.

Thank you all for your continued partnership!

F1 Solutions

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