4 Reasons you should hire a local MSP

4 Reasons you should hire a local MSP

Partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP) is a great way to acquire specialist-level IT support while conserving money and other resources. There are several locally owned, community-based MSPs in Huntsville and Madison, but you’ll also find that there are many out-of-state providers that tout big benefits because of their scope of operations.

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It’s easy to be enamored with national brand MSPs because of the scale and scope of their services. However, many companies may not be aware that having an intimate working relationship with a reputable local MSP will likely be more beneficial than hiring a larger regional provider.

Here are some good reasons why partnering with a local MSP is the perfect setup:

1. You get more than what you pay for

With a national-level MSP, you can be assured that you’ll receive the quality of support you pay for, but likely not a penny more. There’s little incentive for a large, multi-state MSP to exert too much effort in pleasing a small business in Huntsville. So you can expect to only receive the support that’s stated in the MSP’s terms of service, and it’ll be difficult to request additional help at a moment’s notice.

A locally owned MSP, on the other hand, is already in your area. This means that they can provide on-site IT support along with their standard remote support offerings. Furthermore, they’ll be much more invested in keeping your business operational so that you both benefit in the long run.

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2. You’re not just another client

With a local MSP, you are much more likely to personally meet and get to know the people who watch over your systems. It’s much easier for a locally owned business to quickly send over a support team to your office if the virtual route is insufficient for the issue at hand. Also, they will be more familiar with your county’s internet service providers, and should be better suited to troubleshoot the unique issues these may bring.

It’s also not uncommon for local MSPs to take up a more-than-cordial relationship with their B2B clients. The leaders of these MSPs understand the value of face-to-face interactions, and will likely take the time to get to know your business on a deeper level. This can only be good for your company, as it will make your outsourced IT feel more integrated into your organization, which improves communication and productivity all around.

3. You avoid one-size-fits-all services

Perhaps the most constant complaint about national-level MSPs is that they tend to offer one-size-fits-all solutions. This is fine and all for most run-of-the-mill businesses and their IT needs, but what if your company needs specialized services? Or if you’re required to upgrade certain parts of your system to meet compliance requirements?

One-size-fits-all solutions are cheap to deploy and easy to fix, which is why many national-level MSPs use them. But because they’re not truly bespoke to your system capabilities and operational needs, they will tend to either leave gaps in security, usability, or worse, both.

4. You benefit from deeper accountability

A local MSP will truly feel more like a partner. You can’t expect the CEO of a multi-state IT support firm to fly out to your Huntsville office just to personally meet with your workers. But you can and should expect the owner of your local MSP to come out and meet with you and your people so that they can have a good picture of your expectations and your needs.

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This type of up-close working relationship is beneficial, because it will help break down communication barriers and keep your partner MSP accountable, especially with regards to their commitments to your company. Your MSP will also be more invested in your operational longevity, because they personally know the people they support. This mutually beneficial agreement will make you truly feel that your partnership is an investment rather than an expense.

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