4 Cyberthreats facing every small business

Small businesses have long been a target for hackers seeking easy money. Even though they’re often victimized because of their reputation as more vulnerable than their larger competitors — due to lower budgets and a lack of robust infrastructure — SMBs still handle plenty of high-value information.

Conquering the burdens of regulatory compliance with Compliance-as-a-Service

There’s no denying that industry regulations are among the least glamorous business technology challenges. With rigid documentation processes and harsh penalties, all it takes is a simple error or oversight to fall into a compliance technicality. To make matters worse, many regulations aren’t entirely clear on which measures businesses must take to protect the privacy of their customers.

Multi-factor Authentication: protect your business from prying eyes

Your business data is at risk more than ever. If your password is weak, can easily be guessed, or is the same for multiple websites, hackers can steal your data and sell it to your competitors.

Data is the most valuable resource in the knowledge economy, so everyone from Google to small businesses in Huntsville need to protect their customer data at all costs.

Breach news to share with your customers!

This week we saw mobile apps making headlines. Tinder was used by a potential spy to unsuccessfully bait military secrets out of an airman and Snapchat’s source code was published on Github. The marketing campaign for the PGA championship has hit a speed bump in the form of a ransomware attack and an Australian hospital specializing in maternal health exposed treatments on the web.

What Makes a Security Awareness Training Program Effective?

Businesses all over the world are investing more into their cybersecurity strategies than ever before. A press release published by Gartner at the end of last year forecast an annual global spend of almost $100 billion by the end of 2018. High-profile data breaches constantly make the headlines, and the evolving threat landscape is driving the need for more spending; a trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.