The best email security tips you need to know

Email will always be an essential communication and collaboration medium in your business. However, it also enables cybercriminals to devise sophisticated phishing attacks.

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails claiming to be a legitimate entity such as a trusted company or an individual in order to acquire login credentials and steal personal and financial information.

Confusing technical jargon businesses should be familiar with

It’s never easy learning about technology, and its rapid development isn’t helping businesses understand it any further. However, it’s important for everyone in your organization to be familiar with tech jargon. Once you learn the language, you can take advantage of technology better to not only keep a competitive edge, but also ensure maximum profits, high employee morale, and happier customers.

5 Ways to increase your IT maturity level

Today, more than ever, business performance depends heavily on a company’s IT maturity level, which refers to a set of technology-driven capabilities that match the organization’s ability to achieve desired outcomes. Fortunately, that doesn’t require spending on the latest hardware and bespoke software solutions that break the bank.

Is data center colocation right for you?

Your in-house data centers can become overworked with rising corporate demands, and this could lead to costly downtime. To solve this problem, you need to expand your business' needs. This is where colocation can come in handy.

Colocation refers to a service offered by managed IT services providers (MSPs) that provides a secure space for enterprises to manage their data storage equipment.

How to get the most out of Microsoft Intune

Mobile technology has unquestionably become popular today. In fact, it has even been adopted in the workplace. With Microsoft Intune's mobile device management (MDM) protocols/systems in place, your bring your own device (BYOD) policy can boost employee morale because it allows them to be productive remotely.

Debunking dangerous cybersecurity myths for your business

Cyberattacks are becoming more rampant and dangerous by the minute. They do not just target consumers, but corporations as well. Given this, it’s essential to stay protected from these threats to secure company data.

Security can be a confusing topic for many, and as an effect, it produces many exaggerations, half-truths, and fallacies.

How will tariffs affect the price of computers?

As part of the ongoing trade dispute with China, the United States government imposed a 10% tariff on roughly $200 billion worth of imported Chinese goods back on September 24, 2018. If that sounds bad, it could get worse: that rate is expected to escalate to 25% this year if no agreements between Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping are made.

What is mobile device management and what should it include?

The rise of mobility in businesses is an inevitable development, as evidenced by the increasing prevalence of shadow IT — the practice of using smartphones and other personal devices for work purposes. A survey by Cisco even found that managers are in favor of employees bringing their own gadgets, finding it a helpful addition to boosting productivity.

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