What Is “The Cloud” and Why Can’t I See It?

One of the things that make us geeks chuckle is when someone talks about the one and only “Cloud”. THE Cloud, as if it is one singular puffy white cloud floating in the sky that everyone magically uses to store information. That would be really cool if it was true, alas it is not.

F1 Solutions: RSA Conference Report

Insight into the largest Cyber Security Conference in the US

Last week our security team attended the RSA conference in San Francisco. This is the industry’s leading Cyber security gathering of 40,000 plus “good Guy” hackers and experts.

F1 Solutions: Health Care Audit Alert

OCR Phase 2 Desk Audits Were Just Sent Out

On March 21st 2016 letters went out from Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to hundreds of Covered Entities and Business Associates across the country. This is phase 2 of auditing as required of OCR by the HIPAA HITECH Act.

We Won! – 2016 Best Places to Work

We Won!

F1 Solutions is proud to be a 2016 Best Places to Work Winner for Huntsville and Madison. The Chamber of Commerce reviews questionnaires submitted by employees to determine the winners of this award and that makes it much more special to us F1 has the hardest working and most caring team members and we are so proud of each and every one of them.

Don’t let your company fall victim to “CEO Fraud”!

More and more companies are becoming victims to this Email Scam, please inform your employees as well as management! The only way to fully protect your company is through training and instituting strict policies with regard to wire transfers. NEVER allow wire transfers of funds without VERBAL confirmation, no matter the emergency.

It’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you.

I was talking to a client recently and they said, “I give up! It seems like everyone who has my credit information has been breached and I just assume my information is out there”. My initial reaction was to laugh and give a high five. It is easy to be disheartened by all of the news about data breaches that bombard us day in and day out.

Don’t Send Wire Transfers Without Verification!

We have seen too many clients almost fall and sometimes fall victim to a very prevalent and malicious phishing scam. In fact, nationwide, over $215 million has been stolen through this method over the last 14 months. We have written previous blogs about this and sent previous alerts; however, we feel so strongly about this scam that we wanted to remind you all of this.

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